Charline McCombs Empire Theater in San Antonio, TX

226 North Saint Mary's Street San Antonio, TX 78205
The Charline McCombs Empire Theater in San Antonio, Texas was built in 1913.

The theater once was a motion picture facility.Now this facility is a historic live performance building. This historical building is built on the site of a former Rische's opera house. This magnificent structure was shut down in 1978.Later the city of San Antonio purchased and rejuvenated the empire theater. Opening its doors and show curtains again for all to enjoy. There have been a variety of events that have taken place at this historic attraction.

The Empire Theater is a unique attraction. This building has an abundance of history about it. This magical theater has been around since the great depression.Even then this theater was home many. This theater has been used for a number of comedy shows, musical concerts, private events, and even a children's theater. The beautiful attraction has 856 seats, which includes an open floor plan and adjustable platforms to make the guest as comfortable as ever.

The elegant and historic Charline McCombs Theater was originally built in 1913 by Thomas Brady. After the shut down in 1978 the immaculate empire was reopened in April 1998.The building stands sixty feet tall and has four stories. It also has a state of the art sound and lighting system that help bring all productions to life. Legends such as Charlie Chaplin, Lon Chaney, Mae West, and Roy Rogers could be seen gifting the crowd with amazing and astonishing performances.

For any tourist thinking of a historic site to visit this theater is a must see. It's in the heart of downtown San Antonio and is surrounded by a number of companies such as the Briscoe Art Museum, The San Antonio River Walk, Ripley's believe it or not museum, and There are a number of bars and restaurants that one or even the family will enjoy. This theater has an abundance of history and life that should definitely be experienced.

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